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Fold-A-Lots Penolope an Black Torti smoke Highland Variant.


Oasis Lucky Fold It all begin in 2001 when I purchased my first pet Scottish fold “Oasis Lucky Fold” a Blue Bi colour Neutered male Scottish Fold. As soon as I saw those little ears it was love at first sight, so Foldie was bundled up in to his carrier and taken to his new home.

He was an "only cat" for a couple of weeks until I purchased a little Ragdoll girl by the Name of Aleeshia Button Baby. Foldie soon adopted Button as his own surrogate child, who constantly pestered him and disturbed his hard earned nap time.

In 2002 I entered the first Catz inc show held at the Easter show with Foldie, he did quiet well, and that was it, I had caught the showing bug.
I had the opportunity later on that year to purchase a male stud cat called Prinzarienne Blue Kazzanova IMP AUST, and two queens Majormisfit Crème Da la Crème and Tinkajul Neapolitan, who became the foundation stock for my Fold program.

In November that year my first colour point Fold was born ‘Fold-A-Lots Snow Man’, he would have been neutered if Sandi McKay the original breeder who brought Folds into New Zealand hadn’t stepped in and told me that I should keep him entire.
Snowman has been a great asset to my fold program, he has a wonderful nature, he loves being bathed, blow dried and prepared for a show. He loves all the attention from people of all ages at the shows and is often seen being cuddled and carted round by children of all ages.

He has been the Catz Inc national best of breed Highland Fold for the past three years running and is the placed Fold in Catz inc.
He has fathered some lovely kittens one being Fold-A-Lots Q-T-Pie a female cream point. Snowy is due to be neutered at the end of this season and will be shown next year in the desexed section.

Cats are not the only animal’s that live at Fold-A-Lots Cattery, I also breed and show long hair guinea pigs, have birds and three small dogs, 2 Chinese crested and a Pekingese and there is even a couple of gold fish.



Fold-A-Lots Snowman

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Fold-A-Lots Toby

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